Over 30 years of industry experience

Our Services
  1. Hardwood Floor Cleaning Company in New Richmond, WI
    Hardwood Floors
    Multi-step process that is safe for finished and waxed wood floors but not oiled wood.
  2. Tile Cleaning Service in New Richmond, WI
    Tile Cleaning
    "clean and capture" technology for tile, grout, concrete, and natural stone.
  1. Upholstery
    7 step process that guarantees consistency with all furniture
  2. Carpet Care
    Carpet Care
    8 step process to ensure that the carpet comes out clean.
Satisfied Customers
  1. Devin Hoyt
    I would recommend Matt to anyone I know. Having two dogs and a baby, I know he can provide us with quality services.
    Devin Hoyt
  2. Kenneth Norlund
    I was blown away with how well the carpet turned out. Our 15 year old carpet looks new again! We were used to the old look from the years of slowly fading and accumulating debris.
    Kenneth Norlund